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    Canada Day

    July 1st is an important day for Canadians to celebrate Canada's history and future. An outstanding reminder to appreciate our unique identity, cultural richness, and our Canadian values of inclusion and diversity. While we acknowledge there is much in Canada to be proud of, we recognize considerable work needs to be done on the road to healing and reconciliation. 

    Disability Rate of Indigenous People

    According to the Canadian Census, Indigenous people make up approximately 4.9% of the Canadian population. Although disability has been studied widely for the Canadian population, far less research exists, focusing on disability among First Nations people, Métis, and the Inuit. In 2017, 32% of First Nations people living off-reserve, 30% of Métis, and 19% of Inuit had one or more disabilities that limited them in their daily activities. In other words, roughly 1 in 3 First Nations people living off-reserve and Métis have one or more disabilities, which is a caveat for all Canadians to be aware of.

    Inclusive and Diverse Workforce with Participation of First Nations

    Canada Day can be an excellent rehearsal for Canadians to take steps toward a better future for the nation, particularly indigenous people. In this regard, employment is one of those opportunities that makes the population active and productive. While generating job opportunities, recall a prospective indication to develop life standards, we should also be aware of our responsibility to provide inclusive and diverse workplaces for all Canadians. Indigenous people with disabilities are part of those segments that require more commitment and effort. 

    How Canadians Celebrate Solidarity?

    Providing specialized disability and health support services might seem challenging, but it is not out of reach. We at Accessible Jobs, as part of the Canadian nation, are eager to support First Nations with disabilities to find the perfect job they desire. Furthermore, we also encourage companies and associations to offer jobs for all communities, especially for people with disabilities who might be marginalized because of various accommodation barriers. This year, we are ready to come together and celebrate solidarity more than ever! Through Canadian values, we need to create an atmosphere with a message of hope as we come together as people, communities, and cultures and take steps towards a better future in Canada that recognizes and honours the rich heritage and contributions of Indigenous people in Canada. 

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