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    Environmental and Social Barriers at Workplaces for People with Disabilities

    When we are talking about disabilities, it is not only the physical and intellectual challenges disabled people confront, it is also about the environmental barriers and personal impacts these people suffer from; especially within the workplaces. Obstacles to employment can range from physical to social. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines employment barriers as “factors that limit functioning through their presence or absence.” They can include:

    • A physical environment that is inaccessible or hard to navigate
    • Lack of assistive tools or technologies to help the person be effective
    • Negative attitudes within the work environment
    • A lack of relevant systems, services, and policies

    If you are an employer interested in hiring job seekers with disabilities, providing an accessible workplace is not the only issue you should think about. You need to think about the social and attitudinal dimensions, as well. judgments and assumptions about disabled persons can also prevent them from getting hired or having a positive experience in the workplace. These attitudes can lead to prejudice, stigma, and discrimination. While this is becoming less of an issue than it once was, it can still be a factor and a barrier to both getting a job and keeping a job. For example, a person may be denied resources because their employer does not believe that they have a learning disability, Autism or other types of “invisible” disabilities.   

    Yet hiring staff with disabilities not only creates a more inclusive workplace, but it’s also good for business. It’s been shown to improve employee engagement and morale, build brand and customer loyalty, and improve overall performance.

    Recently Accessible Jobs has come up with a survey page to know about the different types of services people with a disability are looking for to find a job. We'd love to hear from you about what services you use the most, and what features you want to see built. Simply follow a very short survey here, and help us configure a more robust, responsive network you need to get an ideal job with the perfect perks you always wished for.

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