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    How Covid-19 Improved Remote Working?

    The pandemic is having a negative impact on employment for everyone, including people with disabilities. In a survey conducted by Statistics Canada, findings showed that over one-third of participants with long-term conditions or disabilities report experiencing a temporary or permanent job loss or reduced hours during the pandemic. People with disabilities and chronic health conditions face greater risks of contracting COVID-19 and experience larger disadvantages within the labor market. Findings show that although the pandemic has not directly led to job losses for most people with disabilities and chronic health conditions, those who have lost employment due to COVID-19 are struggling.

    The Employment Rate of Disabled People Is Low.

    According to World Health Organization (WHO), people with disabilities and chronic health conditions have exceptionally low employment rates in all industrialized countries. On the bright side, however, the remote working option is one of those changes that transform the working condition for all.

    Telecommunication Impact on Remote Working

    According to Forbes, with the majority of work now being done from home, managers are seeing that working from home is possible. Before the pandemic, it wasn't easy to understand how telecommuting would work. Managers see that working from home doesn't have to be isolating and distracting. It can be efficient and strengthen culture.

    Managers are seeing how working from home makes work more accessible. Getting dressed and ready for work can be far more time-consuming for people with disabilities, adding hours to their days. Commuting can be difficult, complicated, and, sometimes, even dangerous. Remote work diminishes these additional stressors. 

    However, now that most companies figure out that remote working can be possible and it decreases the charges vastly and increases productivity and job satisfaction among workers, a new way of working has been officially introduced to the business world.

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