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    How to Find a Job When You Have Disabilities? Part 1

    The first week of June was named National Accessibility Week, wherein individuals with disabilities are celebrated for their contributions and achievements to the Canadian workforce. So many companies are trying to create a diverse and inclusive workforce at their workplace; hence they are planning to provide jobs for disabled job seekers. However, job seekers with disabilities still confront many different challenges throughout the searching, applying, and interview phases of getting hired.

    People with disabilities may concern about various restrictions and challenges of their own. However, like anyone else who wants to prove their skills and capabilities during the employment process, people with disabilities also need to be prepared to take over the competitive market.

    Here are some tips that might be helpful for people with disabilities while applying for a job:

    Be frank, not just Frank Gallagher!

    You should be aware that it is not legal for employers to ask you about your medical history during a job interview. Employers also are required to provide reasonable accommodations to help employees to perform effectively at their workplace. However, you, as a job seeker with a disability, should be able to raise your requests and expectations from your employer. People may not acknowledge your specific disabilities unless you mention them and ask for further accommodations. In this case, both parties know how to deal with further modification or adjustment and help each other be more focused in the workplace.   

    Disability Divulge

    You do not need to disclose your disability in your resume or cover letter. You may talk about your disabilities only if your employer asks you to participate in a meeting and you need specific accommodations to take part in. For example, you may need an access ramp for your commute or particular devices to accompanying you. In this case, it is worth mentioning your field of expertise and skills you can offer to fulfill the job. Your employer may be required to provide specific accommodation for you, and you have to convince him you are a functional fit for the job.

    How can Accessible Jobs keep Confidentiality?

    Creating a profile on the Accessible jobs website is so simple, and it also helps you not talk about your disabilities if you do not want to. All the information you provide to the website is confidential. All companies that post their job on Accessible Jobs are actually looking for people with disabilities and do not expect anyone else. It is a win-win agreement that both parties are aware of their rights and expectations from the first moment they intend to be a member at the Accessible Jobs website.

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