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    How to Find a Job When You Have Disabilities? Part 2

    The month of June is finishing while it had a significant reminder for Canadians to celebrate the outstanding achievements and contribution of people with disabilities within the workforce. National Accessibility Week is just an inspiration for those ready to ease the presence of people with disabilities at the workplace.

    Here are some other tips for disabled jobseekers to get the job after their interviews with employers:

    More Focus On Skills Rather Than Deficiencies

    In most scenarios, participating in a job interview is like being at the table of negotiation. You need to negotiate to persuade recruiters to offer you a job; in this regard, you should know how to do that! It is fair to focus and explain your skills and achievements and elaborate on them positively when it comes to job interviews. In this way, you feel confident in the quality and capability you are offering to the employer, and in the next step, you can depict the accommodations you require to perform the job. Eventually, it can be a win-win discussion when both parties know what to expect exactly.

    Former Job Experience Can Be A Good Endorsement

    It is always beneficial to talk about your previous achievements and responsibilities in your former careers. In this regard, you need to introduce and reference your former colleagues and employers as a credential source for your experiences. When you talk about your success stories in your job experience, it enables employers to image you as a problem solver and a good player within the new job context. Moreover, it is more professional to demonstrate your achievements with numbers and figures. Using credential figures gives an incredible insight into your abilities in the workplace.   

    Be Aware Of The Helpful Materials

    As a person with specific disabilities, you need to know that there are plenty of resources out there to help you find the perfect job you desire. You can always find updated information on Canada’s website or join associations that support disabled people. Furthermore Accessible Jobs website can be a wonderful experience for you to find a job that is mainly based on your skills and capabilities. Create a profile on the Accessible Job’s website and define your abilities as well as your disability restrictions. Then, we will connect you with the best employer!

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