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    Interviewing A Job Seeker With A Disability

    Interviewing people with disabilities should not be any different than interviewing non-disabled people. However, interviewers need to be sensitive to disability limitations. This is critical because the human resources (HR) team needs to be acknowledged of the different challenges a job seeker with a disability confronts. Allow the person with a disability to educate you as to any assistance he or she may need- not the medical diagnosis or condition.

    In some cases, an applicant may not disclose their disability at the time of application in order to avoid potential discrimination. Because of this, it is recommended that all applicants proceeding to interview, not just those who advise they have a disability, are asked whether they require any adjustments or assistance to participate in the interview.

    People with disabilities use a variety of transportation services when traveling.

    When scheduling an interview, be aware that the person may be required to make a transportation reservation 24 hours in advance of the interview. Provide the interviewee with an estimated time of duration of the interview so that he or she can schedule necessary transportation for his or her return trip at the end of the interview appointment.

    Meanwhile, it is good to mention that Accessible Jobs is an exclusive platform designed to help job seekers with disabilities find the perfect job they deserve. You may disclose your disability type when signing up on the website and we do not divulge it to any entity, even employers. However, the AI-powered searching engine of the website connect the best candidates to the ideal employer who is willing to provide a job to a person with your level of skills and experience, furthermore, he/she is aware of the type of assistive facilities you may need to perform your job. The signing up feature is now free for both job seekers and employers and we are ready to help you while proceeding with the form. We at Accessible Jobs believe in “Creating Equal Opportunities for Everyone”, and we always try to make it real.

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