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    More Welcoming Workplaces For Employees With Disabilities

    The National AccessAbility Week is a week for Canadians to promote inclusion and accessibility in our communities and workplaces; a reason to remind us that people with disabilities have this right and capability to contribute to the workforces as a vital element.

    There are roughly 4.4 million children and adults with disabilities in Canada, which means that approximately one in seven Canadians now has a disability. However, people with disabilities are more talented than most people likely imagine! As an employer, recruiting disabled persons can be very beneficial for you and your company; you introduce your workforce as a diverse and inclusive place to work. Furthermore, it is good publicity for your business after all.

    The truth is staff with disabilities are more committed to their responsibilities than non-disabled ones, and their turnover rate is decently less, which demonstrates they are ready to put effort and energy into the work. On the other hand, hiring more disabled workers is good for the economy because it increases productivity and reduces spending on disability-related government benefits that ultimately leads to society's welfare.

    However, knowing all these facts does not necessarily mean that employers and co-workers know how to make a workplace genuinely welcoming for people with disabilities on a day-to-day basis. Being qualified and hardworking doesn’t mean disabled people are the same as other workers. Many disabled workers require both technical and social adjustments to succeed.

    Celebrating the week of National Accessibility helps encourage all Canadians to work together to achieve a truly accessible and inclusive Canada that leaves no one behind.

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