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    Requirements for Hiring People with Disabilities

    According to the 2006 Participation and Activity Limitation Survey, there are roughly 4.4 million children and adults with disabilities in Canada, which means that approximately one in seven Canadians now has a disability. This represents an increase in the overall population reporting a disability, from 12.4% in 2001 to 14.3% in 2006. This increase is largely due to an aging population, as well as to an increase in reported learning disabilities.

    People with disabilities are an outstanding part of our society that can enhance businesses and create value for companies. However, business leaders must note that applying this proactive segment of the community in their workforces requires particular infrastructures.  

    To enable people with disabilities to overcome physical, technological, or informational barriers, various types of accommodation may be required, including:

    • physical accommodation;
    • communication accommodation;
    • assistive accommodation through technological and human support; and
    • procedural accommodation through flexible work /educational schedules and alternate formats.


    It is important to note that all documents being used in companies should use appropriate and inclusive language that helps to eliminate the stigma of disability and the perception of people with disabilities as "dependent". The terms that are used in all communication platforms in companies should promote equality, independence, and value of all individuals in society,

    Safety and Security

    Safety and protection from victimization are essential for all Canadians. People with disabilities can experience higher levels of victimization in abuse, violence, neglect, harassment, or discrimination, often because of economic and physical vulnerability. Every effort should be made to empower people with disabilities by increasing their knowledge of self-protection and protective environments, as well as by helping them recognize personal vulnerabilities and environmental risk factors.

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